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to get to all those stories here on wusa9. but first, he added $417 million to the city's savings account and today, d.c. mayor, vincent gray, invited reporters. mayor gray is beginning to look like a candidate for reelection and a man no longer worried about a federal grand jury probe. >> what a difference a year or two can make. mayor gray decided a will lot of people are saying he could actually be the favorite. >> d.c. mayor no longer looks the part of a big city mayor under siege. >> how about a vest? no vest? >> do i have to wear that? >> you're the mayor. >> i don't want to wear it. >> with $1.5 billion added to the city's reserves, a record low homicide rate and unemployment rate just above the national average, mayor gray is anxious to talk about the job he's done in two full years in office. should you decide to seek reelection? is it the kind of record you feel quite confident throwing out there in a campaign? >> it is, bruce. you know, what i look at is, what do we promise to do in the first place? >> he looked like an incumbent. even if he hasn't declared. there was
their power is restored. new york city got off easy, though, with just 11 inches of snow. boston got over 2 feet. portland, maine, set a record of 32 inches. and the city of camden got 40 inches. marlie hall reports. >> reporter: nearly half the roads in camden, connecticut, are still impassable. thomas rossman is clearing over three feet of snow from around his home. >> there are a lot of people around here they haven't touched yet. they can't get out. >> reporter: some believe the town should have been more prepared. >> there is a time that as prepared as you are, mother nature deals your card that you cannot manage. >> reporter: in new britain, dump trucks are clearing snow. they say they won't be finished until the early morning hours. one crew says they'll make about a hundred trips before the job is done. >> i dump a load probably every five to ten minutes. >> there's quite a bit of snow. >> reporter: along the massachusetts coast where the sto snow and storm surges were a lethal combination, people went to check the damage. >> if you want to have this view and be on the ocean like th
the first pope in six centuries to resign. allen pizzey in vatican city with what happens now. mark phillips on who might be next. tensions are high after reported sightings of the most wanted man in california. bill whitaker reports on the dragnet. we now know what a massive tornado left behind in mississippi -- >> that is big! >> pelley: while in new england they're counting the losses from the record blizzard. and cliff romesha receives the medal of honor. he tells david martin how he earned the highest award for valor. >> reporter: the citation says there were 400 enemy soldiers. >> and we had 52 great americans. didn't seem fair to them. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. when the news got out today, catholics all over the world were asking whether they had heard correctly. something that just doesn't happen just did: a pope resigned. pope benedict xvi, 85 years old and frail, told a meeting of cardinals today he no longer has the physical and mental strength to carry out his responsibilities. on february 28, he will be
coca cola and gm. >>> mayor vincent gray says city leaders should have more control of its finances. the congressional control board disbanded in 2001 and the city's budgets have been balanced ever since. >>> harris teeter will headline a new major development in bethesda. the grocery store will be part of a project which includes 395 apartments and underground parking. at the corner of woodmont and wisconsin avenues. groundbreaking scheduled for april and it is supposed to be ready by spring 2015. always nice to get a new place to shop. >> nice. but adding more people in that area will be more congested. >> reporter: yeah, there is a lot of traffic. >>> okay. coming up, raising an autistic child can really take a toll on your family's finances. the new legislation scheduled for a vote in maryland could improve that. >>> of course your weather first in two minutes. stay with us. ♪[ music ] >>> good morningment welcome back to wusa9. it is 4:44. we had a great weekend here. can't say the same for our friends up the east coast and into new england. >> for those folks who still have
of i-95 to al command dry other, waldorf, back to dale city, when you get west of stafford, there is not that much to talk about. this may actually be the last of the more concentrated showers. still again spotty drizzle. 4 in williams, 222 in providence. here we have 330s, 52 in norfolk. almost 60 in charleston and the warmth will be coming in another heels of the southwest winds. mid to upper 30 with the dampness, it is quite raw. look at this picture at reagan national. feels like 33 with a light rain. big picture storm system in the midwest, if you are headed south, southern virginia through the carolinas. mid to upper 50s today, no longer needing the yellow alert. tomorrow a breezy day but nice and mild. rain developing on wednesday afternoon. may change to a little bit of snow wednesday night. thursday morning clearing out breezy 46 friday in the 40s. this weekend colder air potentially more snow. we'll watch that as well. watching the roads for you on this soggy monday morning is monika samtani. route 5 at silver hill road. northbound i-95 really the slow traffic int
, neither are you, homey. >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." we have breaking news from vatican city. pope benedict xvi says he will resign at the end of the month. the bombshell announcement affects more than 1 billion catholics around the world. >> the 85-year-old pope revealed his decision this morning at a meeting of cardinals in london. mark phillips is in london. mark, good morning. >> good morning, norah and charlie. it is a bombshell. it is extraordinary. how extraordinary is it? a pope hasn't resigned for 600 years. the reasons cited were provided by the pope himself this morning. he issued a statement out of the vatican saying, quote, that after having repeatedly examined my conscience before god, i have come to the certainty that my strength due to an advancing age are no longer suited to an adequate ministry. he goes on to say his strength has deteriorated to the point that he has recognized his incapacity to adequately administer the ministry entrusted to him. the pope has been in office for eight years. he turns 86 this april. he is known to have been in frail health. in fact
at one local city may still have you seeing red. >>> a warning is out to drivers in rockville tonight. triple and mid atlantic says the red light cameras are siting drivers who stop for light, but cross the white line. violators face a $75 fine. the change in the camera equipment and vendor has caused red light cameras to jump 105% in rockville last year. taking in about $1.3 million. 8600 red light citations were issued in 2011 compared to 1780 in 2012. >>> a nightmare at sea for 4200 carnival cruise ship passengers should soon be coming to an end. the carnival is being towed to port after an engine fire left it dead in the water off the yucatan peninsula yesterday morning. the fire left the ship without propulsion. the cruise ship is expected to arrive on wednesday. >>> three people are dead after a shooting inside a wilmington, delaware, courthouse. a man walked into the courthouse lobby early this morning and opened fire. involving the gunman and his wife. five people were shot. the gunman and his wife are among the dead. two court security guards were wounded, but they are expect
. there are reports eight people were hurt in marion county. fire officials say there's major damage in the cities of hattiesburg. damage was also reported on the campus of the university of southern mississippi. >>> tonight there are still over 220,000 homes and businesses in the dark following that massive snowstorm that swept across the northeast. airports in new york, boston, and connecticut are slowly returning to normal, but if you are flying out of town tomorrow, again, check on-line first, make a call. amtrak trains are running between d.c. and new york but the trains are operating on a limited schedule between new york and boston. the storm dumped up to three feet of snow and knocked out power to more than 650,000 homes and businesses across eight states. >>> what a storm, top. >> it was. i looked at all the totals, because that's all i can do is live through other people's lives. >> vicariously. >> 40 inches in ham den, connecticut. >> is that the most? >> that's the most i saw. boston, just under two feet, so they were an inch and a half shy of their all-time. >> and rain in massachuset
sterling and dulles. southern fairfax rain really picks up south of the beltway here down toward dale city and manassas. moving east. northern charles fort washington. you are going to be dealing with that. scattered light showers here. toward fredericksburg, la plata, prince frederick. 37 in rockville, waldorf and andrews. centerville 37 with 35 in round hill, everybody safely above freezing. outside the it is just a cloudy morning with light showers, feeling like 37. when the humidity is high like this, it just cuts right through you. bringing warmth back to the ohio valley where it is close to 50 in charleston, west virginia. this is going to bring us some cold as i said not just the rockies but eventually toward the weekend. in the meantime we'll get rid of the showers early. a nice day tomorrow, wednesday gets iffy, especially wednesday night. 30s tonight, upper 30s north and west. a mild tuesday 52. wednesday 45 with rain developing. potentially changes to snow wednesday night depending the on the exact track of that storm system. by saturday though, colder,. >>> things are looking g
of a jefferson city lawyer who had a parrot that waked him each morning crying out, "today's the day the world shall end, as scripture has foretold." and one day, the lawyer shot him, for the sake of peace and quiet, i presume, thus fulfilling, for the bird at least, its prophecy. >> stahl: one of the things that i loved in the movie, several times, where he'd start... you start telling a funny story in almost inappropriate moments. >> day-lewis: right. >> stahl: and everybody rolls their eyes, "oh god, here he goes again." >> day-lewis: yeah, stanton, his secretary of war, was always apoplectic. and that... that is known, that's a historical fact, that stanton just couldn't stand him telling stories. >> "lincoln": there is one ethan allen story that i'm very partial to. >> no, you're going to tell a story. i don't believe that i can bear to listen to another one of your stories right now! >> stahl: was he just a supremely confident man, or was it that he wasn't a confident person? >> goodwin: it's a mystery in a certain sense, because he is... at one level, he's extremely confident. i think f
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10